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Clifton campville bat biscuit v2

We were invited on 26th July 2022 to hold a bat talk and walk for the village of Clifton Campville. The church knew that they had bats living in the church but it had never been surveyed. We undertook a survey a few days before the bat walk and found where the roost was and used infrared cameras to film the bats emerging and confirm that they were Natterer's bats living above the organ. After collecting a bat biscuit with a drink 20-something villagers listened to a talk about the local bats. Whilst they went around the churchyard and used our bat detectors to watch noctules and pipistrelle bats we switched the projector in the church over to a livestream of the roost access point on our infrared camera and they came back inside the church to watch well over 40 Natterer's bats emerge on the big screen! You can see some of the footage on our twitter page here: 

We are looking forward to holding this event again in the near future.

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