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Species of bat currently recorded in Derbyshire can be found on our Bats in Derbyshire page and further information can be found in the Derbyshire Mammal Atlas. If you are looking for detailed information about a specific area or site, please send a request for a data search to our recorder using our Data Request form below. DBCG welcomes records from commercial surveys undertaken in Derbyshire, in order to improve our understanding of distribution and help us protect bats and their habitats.

Bat Records Data Request Form

The Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group runs a data request service, available to commercial and non-commercial users.

Our database holds over 14 thousand records for the whole of Derbyshire although there are some squares which do not yet have bat records, usually because they have not yet been surveyed.

To submit a data request to our recorder, please fill in the form below. Please note that this service is run by volunteers in their spare time and therefore there may be a slight delay in a response.

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