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Derbyshire Underground Sites Project;
Phase II

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2016 Blog

Total number of individual bats caught in 2016: 300
Total number of bats caught for project: 606

December 2016

DNA Results in

The 20 DNA samples we sent for testing from the 20 most difficult to identify individual whiskered and Brandt's bats out in the field have been returned and of the 20 in-field identifications we made, 3 were incorrect.
We are now writing up the results from this year's surveys to add as an appendix to the 2015 report (available here)

September 2016

Current totals for Derbyshire bat swarming surveys
Triple Bank Austbat Harp Traps in Derbyshire Peak District Cave
Above: Member Sam inspecting the harp traps at our latest survey

Hanging Harps

On Saturday 17th September we upped the number of traps from the usual 2 to 7 plus a couple of mist nets. This worked well with every trap catching bats despite the bright harvest moon breaking through the clouds.
Two traps were suspended in front of the cave entrance as we have observed many bats entering the cave higher up.
A total of 34 bats of 5 species were caught.

Hanging Harp Traps in Derbyshire Peak District Cave
Above: Members Sam & Tom inspecting the hanging harp traps

August 2016

Trapping on the bank holiday weekend

On Saturday 4 of us undertook a survey at Good Luck mine. A damp night with rain at the start meant it was a bit touch and go whether swarming would take place that night. A slow start to the evening but in the end 14 bats of 3 species were caught.

Success at Jug Holes

It's always nice when you catch enough bats to turn the page over to the other side and we caught 27 bats on Friday night.
These consisted of:
4 Brandt's
14 Daubenton's
3 Natterer's
5 Whiskered

Best Trapping Night

On 23rd August we had our best trapping night of the project so far. A total of 60 bats were caught which consted of:
17 Brandt's
6 Brown long-eared
13 Daubenton's
7 Natterer's
8 Whiskered
8 recaptured bats
This was the first time Natterer's bats have turned on on a survey this year, a whole week earlier than last year.

2016 Trapping is underway

We've undertaken 4 surveys so far this year and have caught 45 bats (one night was a washout with no bats caught). Keep your eye on this page for more updates as we go along!

March 2016

On 12th March we launched our 2015 summary report of our autumn swarming project. We coincided this with the Midlands Bat Conference where we made our report available as a hard copy on the day.
You can go to the publications page of the project to download a copy of our reports for free.
2015 report launch Midlands Bat Conference #midsbatconf

February 2016

On 12th March 2016 project leader Steve Roe will present the findings of the study so far at the Midlands Regional Bat Conference at Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire and will also launch the 2015 summary report at that event.

We'll be tweeting live from the event - search for #MidsBatConf This blog will become fully live in autumn 2016 when the project surveys resume.

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